Saturday, November 12, 2005

Seedy Border Town Scarf

It's holiday time so that means... last minute scarf mania! I was stash diving and came up with two balls of Jiffy in a lovely plum color. Well, after two days I've come to the conclusion that it looks nice but it is hard on your hands. After a while it feels scratchy. Oh well. One scarf down, six to go!

This is the pattern for the scarf. It's stockinette with a seed stitch border around all the edges. You will probably have to block when you're done. Mine rolled like a stack of quarters.

Seedy Border Town Scarf
Cast on 21
Row 1 Knit
Rows 2-4 Seed stitch (knit purl knit purl to end, end with knit stitch)
Row 5 Seed stitch first three stitches (knit purl knit), then knit across to last three stitches in row, seed stitch last three stitches.
Row 6 K P K, purl across to last three, K P K
Rows 7 --> continue w/rows 5/6 (stockinette with seed stitch border) until desired length
End with a repeat of rows 2-4
Last row K
Bind off