Saturday, May 24, 2008

Concerned Reader: Hey, Brewgal!
Brewgal: Hey! What’s up?
CR: Nothing much. What’s up with you?
BG: Oh wow. Lots.
CR: Really? Like what?
BG: Well, I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool with Little Brewer #1. It was really crowded this year, like always, but I got some nice handspun and even got to see Casey and Jess! From a distance, of course. The Rabbit Barn was jammed with Ravelers.
CR: That’s great!
BG: Then Brewguy went to Milton-Freewater to visit his Mom because she’s having some health issues and needs someone to come in to help around the house.
CR: Ok.
BG: So he was gone during Mother’s Day. The little brewers made me breakfast in bed all by themselves! I was so proud of them, even if they did end up eating most of my breakfast.
CR: Kids are great.
BG: Yeah! But then I got this virus from Brewguy that hung on and on, just like last year and I thought “uh oh, what if I get sick again like last year? I don’t want that to happen,” because I was running a low-grade fever for two weeks and just feeling worse and worse and then on top of that I got some sort of stomach flu virus thing that made me throw up for two days straight which made me miss the advisory committee I was supposed to present at and as a result my research partner had to come in from maternity leave which she had only just started the day before to give my presentation (did I mention she’s amazing?). Then I fainted in the shower and torqued my neck and knee which still hurt. But I went to the doctor who gave my antibiotics and topical steroids for the uveitis (which had come back) and now I’m feeling better!
CR: ….
BG: Too much information?
CR: Yes.
BG: Oh. You did ask.
CR: True.
BG: And little brewer #1 turned 8 years old. We hired a naturalist to take her and her friends on a walk through the woods. It poured down rain and they loved it! When was the last time you walked in the woods in the rain? Me, never!
CR: Um…
BG: And the pool opens this weekend!
CR: Ok! I’ve got to be running along. I think the stove’s on.
BG: See ya!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

This is the duck,

Who tried to steal the lunch of the girl,

As she sat on Eyre Square,

And who brought the hook on her trip,

To see the sights near the Corrib,

And drink a few pints,

But whose plane was delayed

In Galway.
Apologies to Mother Goose.