Friday, June 04, 2010


Whilst trying not to eavesdrop...

She: Do you see a difference between the relationship you have with me and your friends?
He: I tend not to have too much sex with my friends.
She: That's reckless.
He: Not just recklessness, it's a take on risk. One of the things I'm pretty precious about. It's excitement. It's enjoyment.
She: It changes my relationship with you. When you say recklessness is exciting, it's damaging.
He: It's not like I take risks completely without sense. There's a level of risk I'm willing to accept for myself that I don't extend to other people.
She: I don't want to have to change...
He (interrupting): If I wanted total security and boredom, I'd be with you.
She: [silence]
He: Sorry, I interrupted you. Finish what you were saying.
She: Why should I finish what I was saying? You've just said everything I say is worthless. I'm not saying security is boredom.
He: That was your point? That was going to be your point?
She: [silence]
He: I'm trying to be mature and good natured. I'm not doing too bad.

Is this not the best couple fight ever? So much to analyze. I loooove psychology.