Monday, June 26, 2006

The Visitation

Ok, I'm a total loser. I just discovered I can change the font on my posts.

ANYWAY, the big news is my MIL is visiting. Two and a half weeks worth of visiting. For the uninitiated, she looks great on paper. She cooks, cleans, organizes, and has helped with major demolition projects. She's a wonder Mom, including taking care of Little Brewer #1 during the week when there is no camp.

But in reality....
I have learned to hide things so she won't organize them out of existence. I check the garbage cans to make sure she hasn't thrown away treasures under the guise of "It's just cluttering up the place. They'll never miss X,Y,or Z." I rescued two pieces of Little Brewer artwork this way.

She was a great help when we had to move suddenly from Gettysburg. But she packed by size, not type. Who knows what is in that box, lurking in my basement with the carefully hand-lettered sign that says, "Small box of small things." That describes nearly everything in the house!

The other problem is the breakage. Every visit brings a broken dish, plate or glass. I've lost a bakelite handled knife (she was using it to remove wallpaper), a unique retro serving dish (knocked it off the counter), an antique plate decorated in the pine cone style (banged into the dishwasher), and countless glasses. This visit it was my 9x9 square clear glass Pyrex baking dish. Hide the Roseville!

I realize I should be incredibly grateful I am not saddled with a MIL that is hateful, spiteful or a substance abuser. Every night I try my best to think of good things and be thankful for what I have.

I spend a lot of time "working on the computer" in the office.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bye Bye, Bob

My high school drama teacher retired this week after 27 years in the school system.

Yes, Brewgal is that old. Stop snickering!

It was a warm and fuzzy affair, held in the high school theatre. There were speeches, jabs, and more than a few tears. I even took a few photos.

Here is ...well you can't really tell who that is.

Here's another photo.

Darn, too much flash.

Maybe if I hold it on my knee to steady it...

What the...? What the heck is that?

Alrighty, let's try the knee trick again.

No, he's moving too much.

Was he always running around like this in high school? Stand still, man! One more time: balance camera on knee, flash off, hold breath...wait for it....


Ok, Brewgal is not a photographer. She'll leave that up to Brewguy.

It was fab to see everyone. Capt. Scott, Amy, Allyson, Jimmy K., Linda, and of course, Mr. M-- you all look great!