Saturday, May 24, 2008

Concerned Reader: Hey, Brewgal!
Brewgal: Hey! What’s up?
CR: Nothing much. What’s up with you?
BG: Oh wow. Lots.
CR: Really? Like what?
BG: Well, I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool with Little Brewer #1. It was really crowded this year, like always, but I got some nice handspun and even got to see Casey and Jess! From a distance, of course. The Rabbit Barn was jammed with Ravelers.
CR: That’s great!
BG: Then Brewguy went to Milton-Freewater to visit his Mom because she’s having some health issues and needs someone to come in to help around the house.
CR: Ok.
BG: So he was gone during Mother’s Day. The little brewers made me breakfast in bed all by themselves! I was so proud of them, even if they did end up eating most of my breakfast.
CR: Kids are great.
BG: Yeah! But then I got this virus from Brewguy that hung on and on, just like last year and I thought “uh oh, what if I get sick again like last year? I don’t want that to happen,” because I was running a low-grade fever for two weeks and just feeling worse and worse and then on top of that I got some sort of stomach flu virus thing that made me throw up for two days straight which made me miss the advisory committee I was supposed to present at and as a result my research partner had to come in from maternity leave which she had only just started the day before to give my presentation (did I mention she’s amazing?). Then I fainted in the shower and torqued my neck and knee which still hurt. But I went to the doctor who gave my antibiotics and topical steroids for the uveitis (which had come back) and now I’m feeling better!
CR: ….
BG: Too much information?
CR: Yes.
BG: Oh. You did ask.
CR: True.
BG: And little brewer #1 turned 8 years old. We hired a naturalist to take her and her friends on a walk through the woods. It poured down rain and they loved it! When was the last time you walked in the woods in the rain? Me, never!
CR: Um…
BG: And the pool opens this weekend!
CR: Ok! I’ve got to be running along. I think the stove’s on.
BG: See ya!


Julie said...

Suddenly, my nasty cold doesn't seem so bad after all.

Hope you feel better soon!

Brewgal said...

Thanks! Actually I was thinking of you when I wrote this because I'm jealous of how much you manage to get done even when you're not feeling well. Hope you're feeling better too!