Sunday, March 27, 2005

I'm a meme, you're a meme...

I love these cute little “Take a survey!” sites. I find the notion that my entire life's experience can be captured in 20 questions amusing and somewhat disconcerting. Here’s one I took recently.

You Know You're From Maryland When...

You know more than 10 people who own boats and they all park them at the same marina in Annapolis
• You can pronounce and spell "Pocomoke," "Mattaponi," "Accokeek," and "Havre de Grace" [and Chincoteaque and Monocacy too!]
• You prononce "Bowie" BOO-ie not BOW-ie or BAUW-ie
• 1 hour is an easy commute to work
• You have more than three recipies for crabcakes
• French fries just don't taste right without Old Bay [or an ocean view]
• There are more than two crab places in your town
• Even your high school cafeteria made good crabcakes
• You got your first lacrosse stick before you were six years old
• You call all turtles "terrapins"
• You refer to your state as "Merlind"
• Your mother shops at Hecht's
• You still call Six Flags America "Adventure World", or even "Wild World"
• You still remember the Wild World commercial (Wild World's the cure for the summertime blues!)
• You can tell the difference between the smells of septic and marsh.
• You not only know how to eat hard crabs but you also know how to catch them, cook them and tell the males from the females.
• You don't think that Assawoman Bay is a strange name for a body of water.
• You know perfectly well why Rehoboth is called "Little San Francisco"
• M R Ducks makes perfect sense.
• So does C M Wangs.
• You think Salisbury is a big city.
• You think of dumplings as wet slippery squares of boiled dough.
• You think of "Dairy Queen" as a pageant title and not a place to get an ice cream.
• You still root for the Orioles even when they suck
• You'll never understand why tourists come to DC.
• When in Florida, you can only laugh when you see signs saying "Real Maryland Blue Crab Cakes!"
• Your whole family lives within a 200 mile radius of your town.
• You plan for "The Festival" a year in advance.
• During the summer, you spend more time in Ocean City than at home.
• Margret Heater, Hedspace, Jepetto, Outside Joke and Mary Prankster are people you think are "Famous"
• Your radio dial is stuck on 99.1
[alas,not anymore]

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Maryland.

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Jefe said...

My radio dial is still stuck on 99.1! El Zol isn't so bad when you're just looking for happy sounds.