Saturday, April 23, 2005

Help! I'm Sinking!

Toooo many projects! What is it that makes me start a new project before the last one is done? I am currently working on the following:

1. Shawl for myself (99% finished). This project has taken up permanent residence in my office. "finish me.... finish meeeeeee"
2. Sweater for myself (50% finished). This project hides behind the TV chair.
3. Baby sweater for friend (2% finished). Baby is due in July.
4. Scarf for friend (50% finished). This project travels with me everywhere but can't seem to get my attention. Friend's birthday was last February.
5. Baby blanket (2% finished). Baby is due in June. I started this one last week and have already frogged it once. If I can't get this one done I'll switch to a hat.

I was hoping that completing all these projects would reduce my stash but Maryland Sheep and Wool is coming!

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