Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's the Fourth of July. Indpendence Day for the United States. The Brewers and I will be taking it easy. I will find time to do a little knitting. We may do a little tidy-ing up in preparation for tomorrow's visit by Brewgal's relatives. Grilling of dead animals may be involved. We may travel to observe airborne explosives. It is during these times of peace that my thoughts turn to...

Zombies. The walking dead. In folklore, the zombie might be a dead person reanimated by a sorcerer. In that case the zombie would be under the control of the reanimator, having no will of its own. Alternatively, the zombie could be someone who appears dead but whose consciousness has fled or been otherwise destroyed.

Modern zomibes want to eat you. Who sat around thinking, "Gosh, it would be SUPER scary if the dead came back to life and wanted to eat your brain!"


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My strengths: would look for a hideout and fortify the entrances, would run away from loved ones if they turn into zombies.

My weaknesses: have never fired a gun, would go looking for family/loved ones, can't run very far.

The flaw in the zombie apocolypse theory (there's always a flaw, isn't there?) is the same flaw that stalks the vampire theory. Eventually, all the humans would be destroyed and only zombies would remain. Then what? Do the zombies continue to wander around the earth in packs? Do they gather in giant zombie mosh pits singing unhhhhhh and flinging stray limbs?

Happy 4th everyone!

Thanks to Rabbitch for the zombie survival link.

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