Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eat my dust

Another Montgomery Count Fair has ended and I've just returned from picking up my entries. The grand outcome: three first places, a second and a fourth. My Strikke-along sweater, my Odessa at Sunset hat and a flame hat I made for Little Brewer #2 all took first. I got a fancy little ribbon for entering more than three items.
I made this hat during my jury duty. It didn't turn out the way I had hoped. The gauge is rather tight (it was a murder trial- I was tense) and though I tried to follow a flame schematic, the flames look more like blobs than flames. I expected it to look more "flame-like".

The Baby Surprise Jacket took second. One of the judges wrote "Go Redskins" on the back of the comment card. Ha ha. Now I have to stress about who I can give the sweater to. Do they like the Redskins? Not like them? Prefer Lacrosse? Argh.

The pinwheel blanket got fourth. I hope the judges didn't think these were swastikas. The crochet blanket category is hotly contested.
I have no idea what the competition was like this year because I am too cheap to pay the $8 admission fee just to visit the exhibit hall.

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