Sunday, September 21, 2008

A little of this, a little of that

It has been another busy week at Chez Casa de Brewgal. I've been on call at work nearly 24/7 trying to finish the procurements for our research funds. No matter how early we get the paperwork in, it always seems to come down to the last day. We haven't had much money for research in quite a while, so while stressful for me, this work will fund the research team for many years to come. I've found that when you operate at that level of attention and focus for an extended period of time it is very hard to "come down." I've gone a whole day without getting a work phone call and I'm juuuust starting to relax. Just in time to get on a train to go to a conference in New York City!

Little Brewer #1 and I took a drive up to Gettysburg yesterday to check out the Lutheran Home Anniversary Day and visit the Evergreen Cemetery. We went to take photos of my grandparents' grave so that I can upload it to the family tree on Ancestry. When I was on Jury Duty, I spent a lot of time on Ancestry. It was comforting to be able to distract myself finding records on relatives who had not died from multiple gunshot wounds.

No, these are not my grandparents. I just really liked the tombstones and the little Celtic design at the top. Great typeface, though I wouldn't have picked LeVan as a Celtic name.

Whilst in Adams County we stopped by The Mannings to see what was on their discounted rack. They had Tiur on sale, but not low enough that I was temped to buy some. So what do I do? Get a bunch of Aysen Araucania Chilean wool/alpaca/silk blend in the purple+magenta colorway. It seemed a much better deal based on yardage than the Noro. And it's purty! I've decided that whatever I win from the AgFair I'll put back into yarn. This year I got a grand total of $16 from my entries. This yarn? Totally blew out my budget. Whatever! It's purty and soft!

And finally, some knitting content. Here is the second Baby Surprise Jacket, finished with buttons.
Having knitted this twice, I now have a better idea of where the color changes should be. There are only four buttons, because I accidently thought one of the button holes was a dropped stitch and closed it on the way up. It is never a problem having to button one fewer button on a squirming baby.

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