Sunday, December 07, 2008


It's cold. It has been cold for at least a week, which means Winter has arrived.

Signs winter has arrived? The beer is coddled in the kitchen, rather than the basement.

Snow angels appear on the back patio.

And my sweater freezes on the back porch whilst "laying flat to dry."

My children like winter. To them it means hot chocolate and the possibility of snow. Me, I'm not such a fan of winter. Those happy smiling people you see in ski vacation photos? Not me. 1) I can't ski, and 2) it's a sport that requires cold weather. I get cold. I fear I'm going to spend the next five months in a constant state of coldness.

My children and I differ on what constitutes "cold" and the proper state of mind with which winter should be approached.
Children: Is it going to snow? If it snows, can we stay home from school?
Brewgal: *&^%(^!!! It's cold!
Children: I think I saw a snowflake! Look, Daddy's car is frozen! I can make designs on the windshield.
Brewgal: Where the heck is my long underwear?
Children: But I don't WANT to wear a long sleeve shirt. I get too hot!
Brewgal: Whose children are you again?

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