Sunday, November 29, 2009

I intended this to be a long, detailed post describing the reasons I haven't updated my blog in weeks. I have boiled this down to one word:


Facebook is a time-sucker. My updates? Facebook. Knitting photos? Facebook.

Did I mention we refinanced the house and now have enough money to renovate the kitchen? Of course not! I put that on FACEBOOK.

So I am here to apologize to my loyal readers (Hi Mom!) and post some recent photos of the kitchen in progress.

Behold: the disintegrating cabinetry.

This is the primary reason I wanted to fix the kitchen. I fully expected to come home one day and find the cabinets on the floor in pieces.

Funky corner.

It lights up! Bask in its 1970's amber glory!

It didn't take long to rip it out. Not that I personally had anything to do with that.

Now we are in the family room, which serves as dining room, kitchen and living area.

Poptarts and coffee, breakfast of champions.

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