Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hats again

I'm working on a couple of hats for twin boys to be born in May. Seeing as it is already May, I'd better get going.

Babies. So cute and squishy and always needing a hat.

Hats for twins are fun because I can make two using the opposite pattern. I was working happily along on the first one when I noticed something awry. I had put too many rows of beige between the single blue stripes.

This is what happens when I crochet and watch soccer.

So, rip rip rip.

And fixed. First one done, time to start on the second one.

Have to make sure the crown sizes are approximately the same. Do I count rows? Of course not. I made this pattern up. The shaping is all in my head. I just keep going until it looks right.

Are those shorts I see? Why, yes they are! Summer has suddenly arrived in Maryland. 90 and sunny. Wheee! Brewgal is happy.

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