Monday, December 19, 2005

Brewgal has a birthday...sort of...

Last week Brewgal turned 40. That’s 4-0. Many special events were planned in her honor. Alas, the week turned out to be quite a saga.

Erik Njofi, son of Frothgar, leaves his home to seek Hangar the EIder at the home of Thorvald Nlodvisson, the son of Gudleif, half brother of Thorgier, the priest of Ljosa water, who took to wife Thurunn, the mother of Thorkel Braggart, the slayer of Cudround the powerful, who knew Howal, son of Geernon, son of Erik from Valdalesc, son of Arval Gristlebeard, son of Harken…

Oops, wrong saga.


Sunday 12/11
11:00am. Brewgal gets a facial, manicure and makeup to look beautiful for dinner at the Four Seasons. Babysitting for the little brewers is arranged.
11:45am. Little Brewer #1 runs a fever of 102. Dinner plans are cancelled.

On the plus side, the little brewers sang a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday in cherubic voices.

Monday 12/12
Brewgal’s birthday. She receives present of two lovely hanks of New Zealand wool, a subscription to Interweave Knits, and a pair of pajamas with pink dogs on them. Brewgal is more of a cat person, but Little Brewer #1 picked them out so, of course, I love them.

Wednesday 12/14
Consolation birthday celebration planned. Brewgal convinces Mr. Brewguy to accompany her on Thursday to lunch at Mon Ami Gabi and a showing of Pride and Prejudice. Costumes! Drama! Romance! Sweeping shots of the English countryside!
3:30pm. Little Brewer #2 runs a fever of 102. Lunch/movie plans for Thursday are cancelled.

Except for a rather bizarre tendency to refer to myself in the third person, Brewgal has had a pretty good 40 years. And so, a birthday Haiku for me.

Turn to face the wind,
Feeling the thrill of seeing
My life reach forward.

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