Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2006! Only 1,038 days until Election Day.

Time for some New Year's Resolutions. But first, let's revisit Brewgal's 2005 Resolutions.

1. Learn to cable. Yes, I’m intimidated by those hooky cable needle things but I desperately want to make a sweater with a celtic pattern braid. Oh, the torture! Uh oh. Didn't do this one.
Y. Spend more time knitting (well, duh!) Done!
Y. Use up my stash. Started this one.
Y. Replace old stash with new stash. Done!
5. Photograph all finished projects for my knitting archive. Mr. Brewguy takes pictures for a living but the cobbler’s children don’t have shoes. Working on it.
6. Teach everyone in my office to knit so they can accompany me on lunchtime stash building excursions. Heh heh heh. Working on it.

Not so bad. Let's look at this year's knitting resolutions.
  1. Learn to use circular needles. Carrying 100+ stitches on straights is damn heavy.
  2. Learn to cable. Get over the image of cable needles as tiny stockade devices for Barbies.
  3. Start Christmas gifts BEFORE NOVEMBER.
Only three. Either my standards are getting lower or my attention span is ...um...
Hey look! A birdie!

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