Sunday, January 14, 2007


Happy New Year, Everyone! It's that time again, time for New Year's Knitting Resolutions!

  1. I will tame (organize) the Stash of DOOOOM.

  2. I will either finish or frog the half-started projects and return the yarn to the Stash of DOOOOM.

  3. I will attempt socks.

Ok, I'm bored. Coming up with knitting resolutions seems so pedestrian. Let's just say I'll knit more and be done with it.

Lately I've been reading other blogs more than writing my own. I guess I'm not thrilled hearing myself talk. I mosey'd over to Samurai Knitter and saw she wanted to know where we all knit.

I like Samurai's take-no-prisoners approach to knitting. If we were all pirates, she would be the one teaching the new recruits how to drink rum and taking them all for their first pirate tattoo.

I don't usually do what other blogs tell me to do, but what the hell! Photos of my knitting corner.

Here is the corner of my knitting sofa: Note the comfy pillow to support my arm.

and the other corner showing one of my many knitting reference shelves:

(it's the packed one in the middle)

Congratulations Samurai, you've managed to make me blogfodder.

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Julie said...

Woohoo, tattoos and rum! (I make it a rule to never combine tattoos and booze, but for you I'll make an exception.)

Thanks for the photos. This has been such a fun project, with everyone snapping photos. It looks like a nice, cozy place to knit.