Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Week in Review

Sunday: Brewgal has a bad chest cold accompanied by some sort of eye infection. One eye is extremely bloodshot and emitting all sorts of icky goo. Brewgal considers wearing an eye patch and watching “Pirates of the Caribbean” for inspiration.

Brewgal attempts to watch the AFC playoff game but is greeted by this:

DirectTV shall pay. Oh yes, it shall.

Monday: Little Brewer #2 wakes up, announces it is Martin Luther King’s birthday and asks if he can have candy. Ha ha, isn’t that sweet, no. We receive the first measurable snow of the winter. The Little Brewers shovel our driveway, the driveway next door, and the driveway two doors down. In true neighborly fashion, they refuse to be paid. Brewgal dispenses extra hugs, hot chocolate and fresh banana bread.

Tuesday: At 8 a.m. the local news channels are giddily reporting on the inauguration. Everything on the mall is full! No one can get in! Look at all these people! The red line of the Metro has shut down because someone was hit by a train! (later proved false) It’s freezing down here! Brewguy goes off to shoot photos of inauguration travelers on a MARC platform. Brewgal and the Little Brewers watch our new president being sworn in from the comfort of the living room. She surprises herself by breaking into spontaneous applause at the conclusion of the oath of office. The Little Brewers are bored and ask if they can go watch cartoons. Brewgal stands firm and makes them listen to the speech, too.

Brewgal is glad that her father decided against dressing up as Lincoln and going downtown. In his fantasy, he is whisked by the Secret Service to the White House where he greets the new president, dispenses Lincoln-like advice, and is asked to stay for tea. In reality, he would have been whisked to DC jail where tea is not served.

Afterwards we drive to the store in search of a celebratory champagne split. Finding only Kordel, Brewgal settles on a couple of bottles of good red wine. While in the store, Brewgal notices that her boots feel weird, as if the store floor is very bouncy. Upon arriving home, she discovers that her boots are feeling poorly.

Brewgal concludes it may be time for new winter boots.

Wednesday evening, 6:30 p.m. Brewgal arrives home to find her street full of water. A cute little spring has erupted in the center of the road, no doubt from a burst water main underneath. WSSC is called by Brewguy, who puts him on hold for half an hour. During the wait, he receives a news page alert that there is a water main break in Gaithersburg. Brewgal surmises that WSSC is rather busy at the moment and contemplates going to work without a shower.

9:30 p.m. Three WSSC trucks arrive to inspect the damage.

10:10 p.m. The jackhammering of the street begins.

Thursday, 5:38 a.m. Water is restored to the house. The noise is loud enough to wake Brewgal through earplugs. Two of the three WSSC trucks leave.

6:46 a.m. The street is still blocked while asphalt is being laid.

At work, Brewgal discovers the reason her government credit card bill has not been paid is because the government reimbursed the old credit card company, rather than the new credit card company. This despite the fact that Brewgal received no less than SEVEN emails (with exclamation points and flags) warning her not to use the old credit card because the agency was switching to the new card. Yet another example of how going on official travel is punishment.

Friday: Fatigue sets in. Brewgal does not remember Friday.

Saturday: The Little Brewers discover Club Penguin. Brewgal realizes she will now have to share the laptop with three people and despairs of ever using the laptop again.

Brewgal is nearly finished with her latest Baby Surprise Jacket. She tried something different this time, knitting in stockinette rather than garter stitch.

Brewgal forgot that stockinette rolls really bad. Brewgal promises never to mess with EZ again

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