Sunday, February 01, 2009

102.6, 102.8, 101.7, 103.

My favorite radio stations? Why no! That is a record of my temperature last week. I got up on Sunday, had half a cup of coffee and went straight back to bed. For three days. My doctor diagnosed a sinus infection and put me on antibiotics (thank you, Alexander Fleming!). It tastes vile but it really works.

I am dreading the amount of email I will face on Monday, including all those helpful "Your email account is almost full" messages.

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Julie said...

Oh, hugs. A sinus infection so bad you run a fever REALLY sucks. I've been there. I was not happy visiting that place.

If you can stand up, try taking a shower. Turn the water as hot as you can and shove your face in it. It helps with the congestion and gets the blood moving through your face, so it feels better.

If the pain is really bad (which I assume it is), ask your doctor if he'll give you Midrin. It's a migraine medication, but it is NOT a vasoconstrictor like Imitrex. It contains a combination of drugs that work wonderfully on sinus headahces. (It's a controlled substance. If he hesitates, tell him you got the suggestion from someone with a thrice-broken nose whose lifetime sinus infection count is pushing a hundred.)

Good luck. Hope you feel better soon. Real soon.