Saturday, April 10, 2010

Work Rants

In which Brewgal rants about recent events at work in a totally non-specific way that will not get her fired.

1. When you send me proposed legislation for comment, please try to give me enough time to think about it. I am much more likely to produce coherent, thoughtful comments if I have more than 2 hours to respond.

1a. Related: Do not sit on said request for comment for three weeks and then send it to me at 3pm with a 5pm turnaround. I can see how long you’ve had it from the date stamp on the email trail. Believe it or not, I have other projects to work on and am not sitting around waiting for your sudden emergency.

2. Please do not hit the “reply to all” button if the email is addressed to the entire Center distribution list. More importantly, do not “reply to all” asking the sender not to reply to all. We’ve all been using email for more than a decade. You should know this rule by now.

3. Sending an email message saying “Outlook is down” is uninformative if my Outlook is down.

And a kudo:
Thank you for putting in hand sanitizer dispensers. I am now much less tempted to push the elevator button with my foot.

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