Monday, September 10, 2007

I lasted 12 hours

My father used to travel around the world chasing eclipses. Brewgal is sure she and her brother were just as annoying as the little brewers, perhaps even more so because Brewgal is renowned throughout the family for being a big pain in the ass and more than a little spoiled as a youngster. How did my mother not strangle us? I would very much like to know because Brewguy is back in Oregon on his now-frequent trip out to visit the MIL, leaving me alone with the little brewers. He has not been gone more than 24 hours and the yelling has already started.

That would be me yelling.

The list of offenses is as follows:
  • Little Brewer #2 flogging his sister with a belt (a soft one).
  • Little Brewer #1 not letting her brother change the TV channel.
  • Constant streams of "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!" Jeez, let me ANSWER, willya?
  • Having to eat dinner. Apparently serving dinner during play time with neighbors is just unacceptable. I may "forget" to make dinner tonight.
  • Bedtime. I would like to make it through one freakin' day without a bedtime tantrum.
However, it is not all bad. The 'Skins won, the Little Brewers mopped the kitchen floor, and to stave off anxiety over choosing a Strikke-along pattern I've started a Log Cabin blanket.

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