Sunday, September 02, 2007

Strikke out!

I've decided to join the Strikke Along (see description on Samurai's blog here). Unlike the Steek-along, I'm eligible for this knit-o-rama because:

  • Brewguy is 1/4 Swedish, making me Scandinavian by association.
  • I own Norsk Strikkedesign.
  • I have some Dale of Norway in my stash.

I am quite nervous about this. I've never joined a knit-along before, primarily because the time I have to knit is never predictable. I may go a week or two without working on a piece due to child/work/whatever issues, so I fear joining and falling behind.

Imagine me sitting on the porch 20 years hence with my grandchildren, working on this project.

My other fear is I will not be able to keep up technically. I love the designs in Norsk Strikkedesign but they are WAY out of my league. (ha! Get it? League? Strikke out? I slay myself.)

I may choose one of the stitch patterns from NS and work it into a hat or scarf. That might make to project more manageable.


Julie said...

Hahah, Swedish by association!! You've definitely gotten into the spirit of it. You'll do fine. The idea of this one is to have fun. You're having fun already.

Donna Lee said...

I so have the same laptop marks! I joined the strikke along because I want to try something new and I am probably going to be right there with you on the porch 20 years from now saying "so, how is that strikke along project going, I am halfway done". That is ok with me as long as we get to sit on the porch in rocking chairs.