Saturday, February 09, 2008


I found out last Thursday that the Mom of one of LB#1's variety show partners is expecting a baby. She is due in late April. Did I realize this on my own? Of course not. I didn't know until I got a baby shower invitation in the mail. How clueless am I? I love hearing babies are on the way. New project time!

I decided to make a crochet baby afghan using the Snazzy Bath Rug pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting in shades of blue.

Notice how I am perfectly willing to drop everything to work on an emergency project. Poor Strikke-along hasn't seen the light of day in months.

Here we see an action shot of Brewgal's hands, working away. Note the favorable product placement in the background. Oops! Label is upside down. I need a product placement wrangler.

Partially finished.

Aaannd...done! I still need to weave the ends in.

Close-up beauty shot.
I followed the proportions set out in the original pattern, but not the exact sizing. I wanted the center square to be larger. It is crib size, which is fine for a quick and dirty work up. I may add a little hat in the same color scheme to accompany the blankie.

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