Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last Friday was a snow day at Chez Casa de Brewgal so I decided to stay home with the little brewers. Having been in New York, I hadn't seen them in a couple of days and wanted to spend some time with them. Let me tell you, these kids are busy.

We made overalls and a hat for the M&M doll I brought back from The M&M Store in New York. Total time = 30 minutes, not including the time spent finding the yarn in the Stash of Doom.

I did not take process photos, but this is the basic technique I used. The whole set is worked in single crochet. For the suit, I started with a chain that fit around the body of the doll. Join into a circle. Work the circle in rows until it is nearly the length you want (it will look like a wrist warmer at this point).

I put the piece on the doll and continued to work just the back portion, back and forth until it came up above the doll's arms. Then I chained 9 from one edge, over the doll's arm and attached it to the front of the piece. Work across the front for one row, chain 9 and attach to the back of the piece. I single crocheted one more row all around, going across the back, down the chain, across the front, up the second chain and bound off.

I also made a skirt for LB#1. Her own design.

I edged the split in contrasting bias tape.

There was just enough fabric left over for a super cool headband for LB#2.

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