Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's all about me

Our division is moving to a new building on campus this weekend. I've spent the week packing. Ugh. How do I accumulate so much stuff? In addition to the regular work crap, I found three boxes of granola bars, four miscellaneous balls of yarn (white, blue, oranage, and neon green) and two crochet hooks in my office. I suppose I was thinking ahead in case we were forced to shelter in place.

Anyway, we were given leave yesterday so that the movers and IT folks could set up our offices without us milling about and generally getting into trouble.

A whole day to myself. A vista unspoiled. A blank canvas, awaiting the touch of the master’s hands. You get the idea.

I briefly considered then immediately discarded the idea of housework. Here is what I did for me:

1. Fiberworks, for their Leap Day 29% off everything sale. I am looking for a size 8 circular needle with a short (11”) cord. I've been using double points for the arm of my Strikke-Along project and I constantly feel as though I am wrestling with them. I was unsuccessful in that regard, but did come home with some Frog Tree Merino.

2. Quick run by Roots Market for organic poptarts, dried strawberries and walnut-raisin bread.
3. Second Story Books used books, where I found the following gems:

Copyright 1968. This has some great charted designs. I believe I can modify them to work in tapestry crochet.

A book to help me with my color combos. I'm trying to branch out in the color field beyond blue.

Amish Quilts are cool.

And patterns are great!

4. REI, to look for more Smartwool microweight shirts. I LOVE these. They’re light and warm, just what I need for my I-hate-the-cold layering self. No luck, but I did find an on-sale, small one-shoulder backpack I can use as a large purse.

5. Home, to make tea and watch the last two episodes of Project Runway unmolested.

All in all, a fine day.

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