Saturday, March 15, 2008

A fine vintage

We're preparing to go out to Milton-Freewater for a visit with the MIL. Mr. Brewguy has been out a few times this past year, but I haven't been out since the great moving-unmoving fiasco of March, 2007.

Brewguy's grandmother was from Sweden. As the story goes, her mother used to walk the halls of the family estate working on crochet or tatting as she strolled. The finished work was then applied to bedlinens, tableclothes, napkins, and handkerchiefs. Sheets and pillowcases were stored with the decorative borders facing out so they could be matched by the staff.

Here are some of the surviving Swedish treasures:

These are hand-loomed tableclothes and napkins with what I think are tatted borders.

Crocheted lace. I need a camera that can handle close-up shots.

The pieces on the right hand side are machine made. What a difference!

Linen needs to be ironed. I spent a lot of time ironing. I cannot imagine trying to keep all these ironed for daily use.

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