Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Remember when I said I was feeling better?
Apparently I was mistaken.

I am now consistently running a fever of 102, with night sweats and shaking. My work colleague and my husband convinced me (rightly) that this sort of thing is NOT GOOD and got me to go to the doctor. The doctor helpfully said that my symptoms are consistent with a number of different possibilities and that he was going to have to do some blood tests.

Ok, here's the thing. I had all sorts of excuses for not calling the doctor sooner. I am embarassed to be sick. I thought I could get over it on my own. I was afraid that the doctor wouldn't believe me, or think I was being silly.

Stupid. I am very stupid about my own health.

Anyway, back to the blood tests. Remember in science class when we had to test our own blood to determine its blood type? I am pretty sure that only required a drop from one finger. Not this time. The doctor did warn me they were going to take "quite a bit of blood." Quite a bit? They took so much blood I should have been given a cookie and a Red Cross donor card.

Four of these. Doesn't look impressive? When you're sitting in the chair, they appear about the size of a Red Bull can. Fortunately you don't actually have to FILL the container.

Also a gazillion little vials. What are they going to use all the blood for? Late-night snacking?

Hopefully the results will come back today and we will at least know what it is. Or is not. Or something.

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