Tuesday, May 08, 2007

When humor goes, there goes civilization.
----Erma Bombeck (attributed)

Ever notice how little things start to go wrong when one spouse is out of town? This used to happen frequently to my mother. My father is an atmospheric physicist*. When we were small, Dad would chase eclipses around the globe to study and measure solar flares. Mom would take us for chicken noodle soup and root beer floats at Hot Shoppes. During his absences, things tended to happen. Like the chimney falling off the roof. The washer exploding. And I have this vague memory that the dryer may have caught on fire, but I could be confusing that with the kitchen fire.

Back to the present. Brewguy is again in Milton, Oregon visiting MIL. She's a little distressed that her house is in "disarray," so he is helping her put everything back. To which I say, what did she expect? She MOVED, albeit temporarily. That, and the fact that she needs a new dining room table because hers is now sitting in my dining room.

Okay, I may feel a teeny bit guilty about that but she did insist that I take it and at the time we were all under the impression she was not going to need it in that little apartment of hers.

The little brewers have been troopers. I took them to MDS&W on Saturday (slight whining), shopping at the organic food mart (organic pop-tarts! ecstasy!), and a birthday party on Sunday.

Things are starting to happen.

aThe dryer won't stop at the end of the cycle. It helpfully buzzes its little heart out, continually, until you open the door.
aMy cell phone won't keep a charge.
aLittle Brewer #1 has contracted scarlet fever.

My first thought was, "Oh no! Just like Beth in Little Women!" The pediatrician reassured me that scarlet fever is not as bad as it once was, likening it to "strep with a rash." She is on antibiotics, but will have to stay out of school until Thursday. Since Brewguy is out of town, I get to stay home with her. This is really an unexpected blessing, because now I get some undivided Mommy-Daughter time.

With a dash of itchy.

*Do you have any idea what it is like having a physicist Dad? Those forms in school that ask for your parents' occupation? Try spelling "physicist" when you're in third grade. When I asked for math homework help he would start with Newton. On the upside, I have memorized most of Newton's laws.

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