Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sometimes yarn does not wish to be frogged. Take, for example, the pieces below.

I found these two pieces at the local thrift store. The price was right - 25 cents. I thought I could just frog them for the yarn. I think the first one was an unfinished baby bib. I have no idea what the little ball-shaped object was supposed to be. The opening was not big enough for a hat. A yarn hackey sack, perhaps?

So I began to take them apart. Pull, pull, snag. Puullll...grab. Grabsnag. Arrgh! This yarn was the stickiest yarn. It just did not want to be pulled apart, like yarn super glue. I can be very tenacious and stubborn (just ask my graduate school advisor), so once started, it became a contest of wills between myself and the yarn. I won, but at what cost? My hands hurt and I had spent WAAY over 25 cents of effort to gain...

A bunch of partial balls of yarn. The original crocheter cut the yarn at the end of every other row. Sheesh.

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