Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I can't follow a pattern

I can't follow a pattern. Rather, I can't _stand_ to follow a pattern. There is always something I want to change- buttons as opposed to ties, longer sleeves, different yarn, different hairstyle (oops! wrong blog). I use patterns as a guideline, not a set-in-stone instruction sheet. I feel all the pattern designers out there giving a collective *shudder* I'm not sure if this makes me a designer or an anarchist. Knitting Anarchy! What a great name for a band.

Right now I'm working on a baby sweater for my cousin, Engineering Goddess, who is due in March. Since she has never actually seen anything I've knitted, this is an act of familial love. Her only requirement is “not blue!” I’m using the layout from the Puppy Love pattern from MonkeySuits (http://monkeysuits.com/patterns-index.html). But not in Cascade 220 and not with dog-bone closures. I just can't see using wool yarn for a baby who will live in Atlanta, so I'm using Sirdar TinyTots in beige, with a border of forest green. I actually swatched this time! The yarn feels nice, although sometimes out of the corner of my eye it looks like it has worms in it. Apparently I have larvae issues.

I haven’t decided if I will use buttons, ties or frogs for the front closure. And of course, there will have to be a matching hat.

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