Sunday, January 23, 2005

What's in a name?

“So, what’s with the name? You really like Abraham Lincoln or something?”

Great question, astute blog reader! While Brewgal is partial to tall men in suits, Mr. Lincoln is not the source of the title. At least, not directly. Once upon a time, Mr. Brewguy and I used to live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. During one of our many homebrewing sessions, we decided our little hobby needed a name. The name Gettysbrew was taken, as was Gettysburg Brewing Company (may it rest in peace). Lincoln Avenue Brew just didn't quite have the right ring so we chose Lincoln Street Brew. Lincoln Street Knitting is the extension of the franchise.

Ah, those were great times. There is nothing like the smell of hops in the afternoon, wafting up from the kitchen.

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