Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hat pattern errata and baby sweater status

I keep forgetting you all can't read my mind. I completely forgot to give hook size and yarn suggestions for Brewgal's hat pattern. I typically use a size F hook and DK weight yarn. This combination makes a nice tight weave.

I've finished all the parts for Engineering Godesses' little boy sweater. Now I have to block and piece them together. I think I'll crochet a border in green around the front and incorporate the buttonholes into it. Blocking and piece-ing are my least favorite part. I find I'm drifting toward all my other unfinished objects... the shawl in seed stitch, the sweater for myself in dark sea blue, the baby blanket from stash yarn. They all have voices. And they speak in Haiku!

Needles, hook, bring thy
Magic to my eager heart,
The yarn beloved.

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robin said...

love the knitting haiku!