Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've been emptying out old conference bags lately. I usually end up with one for each conference. With two-three per year, stuff accumulates. To wit, this is what I pulled out of one bag today:

Photos of Little Brewer #1 hugging other kids in preschool = 2. Hugging is big in our house. Start 'em young.

Backup harddrive CDs from 2007-2008 = 4.

Copies of packing list from office move TWO YEARS AGO= 2.

Small bottles of Tabasco = 1. For spicy emergencies.

Rocks = 1. From Ireland.

Printout of Amtrak reservation from BWI-Newark Airport (EWR) with notes from last Ireland trip on back= 1. Some fun stuff in there, including a Haiku that starts, "So full of tea, me." Must scan for posterity.

Spare change = .03. So I can give more than my .02 cents worth.

Spoons = 1.

Pens = 5. Two of which promote branded prescription drugs.

Research study questionnaires = 1.

Printouts of slides = 1. Not my slides.

Handsfree headsets = 1. So that's where it went! I must have hidden it after it developed the tendency to call people on its own.

USB cables = 1. Possibly belonged to PDA#1.

Crochet hooks = 1. Of course. No bag is complete without at least one.

Tiny purple plastic play jewels = 1. Because I am a Mom.

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