Friday, February 26, 2010

Fibery goodness

Believe it or not, crafting is still taking place at Chez Casa de Brewgal. Observe!

A baby surprise jacket for Kendra.

One for El Jefe Jr. I'm going to be an aunt in about a week! So exciting.

Closeup of the buttons. Little Scottie dogs. The cuteness!

I've attended four baby showers (three at work, one for El Jefe Jr.) in the last two months.

I am really enjoying the crochet block pattern. It's a great way to use up stray skeins. In addition to the one seen here, I've got another almost finished. In advance. I know! Crazy! Acela. Awesome for crocheting.

I'm also starting a scarf for a dear friend who has somehow managed to live in New York without a handknit scarf. The knitting will find you. Oh yes, it will.

At the rate I knit, it should be ready by next winter. Hopefully he'll still want it by then.

Action shot of Brewgal in the Sunset scarf.

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