Monday, February 22, 2010

Quickly now,

I'm off to New York City for my yearly February conference. I realized how far I've come anxiety-wise when my thoughts are all about where I'm going to eat and not at all about how nervous I am to give the presentation. I'm also taking the opportunity to catch up with some old friends from high school/college. I hope they like Belgian beer, 'cause the chance to have Karmeleit on tap is not negotiable.

Last week I promised more kitchen photos. Here they are!

The wall 'o glass cabinetry properly furnished. Is that Roseville? Why, yes it is! This cabinet better not fall off the wall, dammit.

The backsplash is in. These are polychrome and field tiles from Motawi Tiles in Michigan.

Here you can see it over the range. I created the design myself, much to the consternation of the tile specialist. I'll post the saga of the backsplash later.

I just had to throw this in. This was the weather map before storm #2. Apparently the folks over at NBC4 were SO excited about another 10-12" of snow that they forgot how to spell. See how helpfully they circled the error?

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