Monday, February 08, 2010


Named for the Roman Emporer Snowdiculum (23BC-23BC), the Snowdiculus is a weather event so outrageous it calls for extreme hilarity.

Before the recent snow event. Notice the snow still around from the last snowstorm.

We are approaching Snowdiculous.

We got 27" of snow Friday-Saturday and lost power for 14 hours. Let me tell you, cold and tired makes me cranky. We are expecting another 10"-20" tomorrow-Wednesday. Perhaps not such a big deal in Buffalo, but not so good for Maryland (number of plows=3).

During the event, about 5:30pm.

Saturday morning.

I have shoveled our driveway and that of three neighbors. Ow. The good part is that all the neighbors are now friendly and the shoveling goes much faster with five people.

The blue tape is 28".

My parents called today from Fort Lauderdale to see how things were going. I told them to stay in Florida and not attempt to approach the Mid Atlantic.

They did not argue.

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