Sunday, January 06, 2008

Brewguy moved into his new office today. The building used to house the newspaper's printing presses. It has been renovated into office space. All the old presses are gone, with the exception of some sort of count-o-veyer. Most importantly, Brewguy now has an office of his own, after nearly a decade as an editor. A real office with a door and everything! No sharing!

The bad part about moving was that he spent all weekend moving. The little brewers and I went today to help and check out the new space. Although it will take about the same amount of commute time, there is quite a bit more going on in the neighborhood compared to the old neighborhood. LB#2 and I took a quick walk outside. There is a thrift store, quilt store, two vets, an oriental grocery, a Halal grocery, an Indian restaurant, a Melting Pot fondue restaurant, a Pho restaurant, numerous nail places and a 7-Eleven. Just in case a Slurpee emergency arises. Mmm. Cola Slurpee.

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