Monday, January 14, 2008

Guest blogger

We have a guest blogger tonight, folks. It's Little Brewer #1 and she writes about her day. Welcome to Lincoln Street, Little Brewer #1!

Today I did the blocks. It`s tens, ones, and hundreds and we modeled them with blocks. That’s what I mean by blocks. I think today was pretty fun, but not as fun as mommy+ mommy is the best mom ever. I have a little secret- mommy is the best artist I`ve ever seen. I wouldn`t sell them (Mommy or Daddy) for anything.

Today I went to music and we sang bow-wow-wow. It`s a weird song. It`s too hard to spell the whole song for you. It`s pretty short but too hard to spell. I can try but I won’t. It`s been such a hard day since I`m sick. But let’s hope for the best. Like I said today was hard. I`m getting better. But I`ve still had the best day ever!

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