Monday, January 21, 2008

Ravelry is great. It is also intimidating. I am completely overwhelmed by the level of creativity emanating from Ravelry's members. Knitters! Crocheters! Spinners! Designers! Designers who space dye yarn with colors lovingly squeezed from selfless plants, obtained in a non-threatening way from organically raised sheep! Using solar power! Every so often I have to step back and not log in for a week, just to give myself some space. It is an amazing resource, however.

I have been inspired to try knitting a hat. A new experience for me, hat crocheter that I am. I am trying Odessa by Grumperina. And because I cannot follow a pattern, I am making it in a different yarn (Nashua Wooly stripes, to match the scarf I've just finished) without beads (because beading yarn is too fiddly and foo-foo for me). It calls for size 4 and size 6 circular needles. Lo and behold, the stash of doom comes through. Not only do I have both needles, I discovered that at some point I seem to have picked up a set of Addi turbos in sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. I am rocking the thrift store needle acquisition.

I cast on today and I am up to row 4 or 5 in pattern. It looks rather large. I am afraid once it is done it won't fit my head closely.

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