Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Crack open the doors on the egg of the new year. It's 2008, everyone! Time for Brewgal's New Year's knitting and crochet resolutions.

  1. Always carry a project to work on. It does not matter if you are only going out "for a few minutes." That will be the time you are stuck waiting.
  2. Bravely speak to other knitters and crocheters. The worst that can happen is they may brush me off. The best is I may make a new friend.
  3. Only work on projects that interest me. Life's too short for bad craft.
  4. Embrace my Continental Eastern Crossed Combination knitting technique as a cherished legacy, not something wrong to be ashamed of. I was taught to knit by my grandmother, who in turn was taught by her grandmother. I can't imagine trying to tell Grandma she was knitting wrong. Hoo boy.
  5. Try to use up my stash. Maybe I should just give up on this one right now.
  6. Photograph my projects before they are given away.
  7. Finish my projects with enough time to spare so they can be photographed.
  8. Make sure the camera battery is always &!$#% charged. Stupid camera battery.
  9. Try a new technique.
  10. Be kinder to myself. There are plenty of critics in the world. I do not need to carry one in my head.

For everyone: peace and happiness.

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